Petição para Open Access

Recebi e achei importante.

Dear PLoS Letter Signers,

We are writing to you because you signed the PLoS open letter some years
ago urging scientific publishers to allow the research reports that have
appeared in their journals to be distributed freely by independent,
online public libraries of science. As you supported that initiative we
are now asking you to support a further one that will encourage the
European Commission to take action that will secure vastly increased
access to publicly-funded science output. Professor Harold Varmus, Nobel
laureate and co-originator of the PLoS open letter, has already put his
name to the petition and we encourage you to follow his lead.

In the wake of the publication of the report from the “EU Study on the
Economic and Technical Evolution of the Scientific Publication Markets
of Europe” a consortium of organisations working in the scholarly
communication arena is sponsoring a petition to the European Commission
to demonstrate support for Open Access and for the recommendations in
the report.

Signatures may be added on behalf of individuals or institutions.

Please register your support for Open Access in this way. To sign the
petition, please go to

The sponsoring organisations are JISC (Joint Information Systems
Committee, UK), SURF (Netherlands), SPARC Europe, DFG (Deutsches
Forschungsgemeinschaft, Germany), DEFF (Danmarks Elektroniske Fag- og
Forskningsbibliotek, Denmark).

Warm regards,

Mark Patterson
Director of Publishing

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